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The products of "Berёsta" brand were initially invented and created as prototypes by an Industrial designer, Marina Turlay, and develop the subject. The brand idea is conceived as mixes and a combination of birchbark with other materials. Ceramics, faience, and then porcelain have become the first by-product of birchbark for the collection of porcelain ware with birchbark Berestaproject.

In order to participate in the First contest "Invented and made in Russia", Marina Turlay designed prototypes of three new items in the category of furniture, accessories and household items.
Stool Sharkunok (prototype)

It was exhibited at a display "Invented and made in Russia" 2018, the participant of the catalogue.
The seat of the chair "Sharkunok" is formed by 36 birchbark cubes, each of which is composed of six strips of birchbark put together in a specific way. No additional binders are required during manufacture of such a cube, the volume is obtained due to flexibility and rigidity of birchbark. The metal frame is made in constructivism tradition and reflects functional method of the whole item designing. Contrasting with natural material softness, the frame joins the cubes resulting in the seat elasticity, and the chair seems as though "breathing". Each cube is unique and reflects the diversity of the forest, demonstrating an endless variability of birchbark. A kit and an instruction for assembly of a personal Sharkunok cube can be included with the product.

The tradition of folk craft harmoniously integrated into the modern interior.
Kroshny bag (prototype)
"Kroshny" bag is made from birchbark manufacture waste and used advertising banners. The author was inspired for the item creation by the ideas of sustainable development, because both in timber cutting and in printing industry the great amount of material is thrown out. Herewith, birchbark and banner fabric combine durability and flexibility necessary for production of bags and backpacks. The bag accessories are made by means of 3D printing. The technique of birch bark objects weaving of masters from Siberia and the Far East is used during manufacture. Such method provides product durability and allows to demonstrate natural beauty of the material. Fabric handle-ribbon is stretched through the entire fabric of the item, thanks to which modern Kroshny can withstand massive weight. A linen insert forms inner part of the bag making the item functional to the fullest degree.

It was exhibited at a display "Invented and made in Russia" 2018, the participant of the catalogue.
Pester Basket (prototype)

It was exhibited at a display "Invented and made in Russia" 2018, the participant of the catalogue.
"Pester" Basket is made based on weaving of locks for birch bark baskets. It is a manually assembled combination of birchbark and fabric for storage of articles of clothing, light accessories, official documents, newspaper production, paper and documents on the table, in the cabinets and in interior design.
We are ready for cooperation with other designers, including graphic and interior designers.
We also plan to widen cooperation with Russian glass, crystal ware, furniture and fabrics manufacturing plants, thereby supporting the Russian economy and giving a new start to birchbark craft.
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