Brief information about the brand,
company and our concept

The idea of brand creation belongs to Marina Turlay and Natalia Dronova.
Marina is an Industrial Designer, she came up with the brand philosophy, and the ideas of the first Berestaproject products came from her. Nataliya is the Project Manager and General Director of Beresta LLC, she is engaged in its establishment of business processes, product management, partnership and promotion within the company.
Materials used

Beresta in Russian means birch bark.
For creation of all Berestaproject products the priority is given to natural materials. The basis of all collections is the use of birch bark in combination with such materials as ceramics,
porcelain, metal, glass, etc. Expansion of the line using all these materials in our plans.
Brand concept
Self-developed design or collaboration with designers and sketching Marina Turlay is involved in creation of first concepts for the products. The brand also engages graphic designers and illustrators to work on the visual
part of the project.
Berestaproject products are manufactured in Russia and particularly in Novgorod region using environmentally friendly materials. The ideology of the brand implies a responsible attitude to nature, therefore, waste from the woodworking industry is used in the manufacture. In addition, the founders of the company involve disabled people in the performance of work, embodying a social mission in Braille collection.
Care for company products

Berestaproject tableware can be washed by both hand and using the dishwasher, as well as used in the microwave. The fastening of birch bark was created in accordance with the traditional methods of weaving of birch bark products in the Far East. Such fastening together with a special processing ensures the strength of the products, which allows using and washing them like ordinary ceramic dishes. Birch bark is so structured that the more you use it (wash, touch it with your hands), the better it is for it.
Plans for the future
The company establishes independent birch bark production in Novgorod Region, which provides local residents with jobs, including birch bark master craftsmen and artisans. Entering the world market and presenting the products at various international exhibitions of design and consumer goods is planned as well.