Новости (en)

Brand history

The Berestaproject started in 2017, as in the summer we finally found a partner in the Shimsky

district of the Novgorod region, the video was shot and then the first crowdfunding was launched on September 11, 2017 We raised funds for the first equipment for birch bark production and tried our new experience in forming cups with one of the Russian ceramic factories. In total, the project passed two crowdfunding campaigns and raised more than 1.5 million rubles.

For the period from 2017 to 2019 we communicated, negociated and cooperated with several

Russian ceramic industries of the Tver, Moscow, Tambov, Ryazan regions and the Republic of

Bashkortostan. In December 2019 we finally made our choice at the Dulevsky Porcelain

Manufactory, where we now produce porcelain dishes.

In 2019 the project became a finalist in the acceleration of the Social Projects Support Fund and we tested our sales on Ebay, but in 2020 preferred another marketplace - Etsy. In 2020 the company as part of other Novgorod manufacturers announced their capabilities at the Russian Export Center, studies various export instruments and is actively preparing to enter foreign markets. In 2020 we also applied for registration of the Berestaproject trademark.

During the period we exist, good relations with corporate clients were established. Now

Berestaproject isready for any type of cooperation at very high level of quality.